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  Changsha Haichuan Energy saving Technology Company signed EPC contract with Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and steel company to improve efficiency of their 3﹟4﹟5﹟6﹟ blast furnace cooling system and signed technical agreement that up capacity to 3800 m³/h for 5# 6# blast in 2011. One year after acceptance, in April 2013, because of iron works needs transforming, capacity needs up to 3900 m³/h. As soon as got request of customer, Haichuan send out specialist to site immediately. Although the request is out of our contract, we provide new solution and solve the problem by up the capacity to 4000 m³/h for free. It is fully meet customer’s requirement. We is praised for superior quality and professional service from customer. Haichuan attach great importance of customer’s needs and benefit a win-win relationship with customer.

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