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        As a responsible enterprise, M&W Energy Saving has fast reaction to natural disasters and actively contributes to the society to organize the group system to donate. M&W Energy Saving actively participates to public welfare, insists for helping the poor and organizes staff to participate blood donation, communication control and to take care of elder people without family.
        When Sichuan and Gansu countered natural disasters, M&W Energy Saving actively organized its staff for self rescue and settled the local citizens. It organized it’s related enterprise to produce and transport needed material and necessary stuff, including pure water, disinfectant fluid, tires, gloves and plate houses.
        To be the most influential system service provider in energy saving fluid field is our fighting goal for years. To achieve this, M&W Group pays much attention to enterprise social responsibility and care when realizing its economic benefit. M&W Group incorporates the care not only to development goal and operation method, but also to its partners and other industries to enhance the sustainable development of chemical industry through win-win situation. M&W Group not only takes care of its own social responsibility, but also drives the entire industry for common care of social works, which pushes all enterprises of this entire supply chain to participate in this action and makes the entire industry have a better understanding of social care theory.


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