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Technical service should be the important operation model of Contract Energy Management

        Contract Energy Management is one of the important commercial model of the entire energy saving industry. All the energy saving companies in China are now developing Contract Energy Management business. But the current Contract Energy Management business is based on one or several energy saving products, such as variable speed pump, draught fan, hot pump, energy saving lamp, solar photovoltaic cell panel, which seems that Contract Energy Management is easy to operate and seems those who bought energy saving products can make Contract Energy Management projects. The key point is low price and good relations with customers. Under this background, the quality of the product is very low with serious competition, which brings damage to the entire energy saving industry and limits the sound development of energy saving industry finally.
        How to provide technical service to customers? Single energy saving products, such as pumps, draught fans, lamps and cells can be sold to customers, but for technical service, the energy saving company should go to the site to develop business, which raises high requirements for energy saving company. The energy saving company should have a professional technicians or experts with high level.
        The current Contract Energy Management is always lagged. The energy saving company can provide energy saving technical service and consultancy when the customer starts the project and makes the project save energy during its operation, but it exists a problem how to calculate the energy saving effect and cost. But this is the future development direction without doubt.

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