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Price fluctuation of energy resource can not be ignored

        After the issue of “The Notice of Electricity Price adjustment for Power Generating enterprise” by NDRC, the decrease of grid electricity price is completed. Except Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces, the other 29 provinces and cities decreased the grid electricity price by 1.4 RMB Cent/Degree.
        This is the second decrease of grid electricity price since 2009. It seems the reason is the down going price of coal, but the actual reasons behind this are more complicated. We should have a clear understanding, which is good for the business development for energy saving service companies.
        The development trend for energy saving service industry is good, but we should be clear that the energy saving and emission reduction market has changed compared with the situation 10 years ago, and we should not consider the problem with our previous views. If we do not have a good understanding of the information, including energy resource price fluctuation, our investment may turn out as a failure.

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