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The Design and Manufacture of the First Set of WSB900-300G Sand Pump

        The first set of WSB900-300 sand pump designed and manufactured by our company finished the general assembly in Mar. 2013. WSB sand pump is the only one which adopts heavy oil drive sand pump in China. It is a new generation single stage double suction centrifugal pump researched and designed based on foreign advanced technology. This series of sand pump have been used on tens of sand ships for years. The sand ship which is equipped with our WSB sand pump can save 20,000 to 30,000 RMB per day, which creates huge economic effectiveness for customers. WSB900-300 is a new type developed by our company overcoming technical problems.
        Advantages of WSB900-300 sand pump:
        Adopt USA advanced hydraulic model to acquire the best efficiency and cavitation performance with low sand production cost, stable operation and long life of accessories.
        The perfect match of capacity and pressure to guarantee the maximum sand output.
        Heavy oil diesel oil engine can be used, which can save millions RMB each year without affecting the sand output quantity.
        The design of super big diameter main shaft guarantees the pump reliability to handle all bad working conditions during sand output.
        We choose impeller material with our own proprietary intellectual property rights with reasonable clearance fit, which extends the pump working life and reduces the dismantling time during overhaul.

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